by Drenches

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All songs written and recorded by ourselves in the rehearsal room.
Mixed and mastered by James at Cold Shoulder Records (


released August 26, 2012




Drenches Bamberg, Germany

Drenches is Jonas, Marcus, Pelli, Steffen.

Feel free to talk to us about anything.

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Track Name: The Goner
Lately this place felt less like home and I'm starting to get sick
I tried to escape so many times but something holds me back
All these sleepless nights I've spent, all these wasted years
Is this growing up?
So take off the pictures, blow off the dust
All my hopes, my dreams, my memories,
they're starting to rust
Every day in my life is so fucking grey
Or is this the strong urge to get away?
Where's the place that you call home?
I'm a stranger to myself and I get lost even more with every day
Get me out of this life - no direction, no place to hide
Get me out of this life - just get me through this night
Track Name: Empty Eyes
With every look in your eyes I can see myself breaking into pieces
We had this conversation forever
You had it all
I've put my life into your hands
And I can't remember that I ever asked for one single thing,
I never asked for one fucking thing
So what's the point of being heartless for reasons you will never know ?
I never felt like this for someone who couldn't care less
I never felt like this and now I couldn't care less
You had me in your reach, the whole time you were looking away
Track Name: MMXII
Every day's the same when the lights go black
I'm sitting in this heated room all by myself
Another night all alone - so cold inside
I pack my things and walk out the door
Not a single step and I realize I'm already gone for so fucking long
Such an endless walk down these streets so familiar
Every house number passed, every sign I see
is fucking anchored in my heart - not in my mind
There's something brewing
Clouds deepen down on me
My view gets blurred
I don't know where to run
A silent whisper is my only guidance
on this never ending journey
Every step I take seems like seconds - counts like days
And when the haze is clearing away I recognize this grating door
I just can't let go of all these tracing thoughts
Every sight a painful memory
Track Name: Wasting Away
How can i breathe?
It's getting colder and I'm about to lose my face
Every promise of a new tomorrow is just another lie to myself
Memories die before my eyes - why is everything falling apart?
In a world where hope is an excuse for those who cannot find a way
Is this where I belong?
Or am I just wasting away?
With every heartbeat I can feel the end coming closer
And I swear that I never felt this helpless before
I'm breathless